MFL - French

MFL (French)

French is taught to all classes in Key Stage 2 by a specialist teacher.  Children’s enjoyment, curiosity and confidence in language learning are promoted by a rich array of experiences including songs, action rhymes, games, role plays, reading and writing.  Children are exposed to a variety of native speakers’ voices through video and audio clips.  Their cultural understanding is brought to life by exploring a wide range of authentic French texts.

Beyond their weekly French lesson, children are encouraged to use their French on a daily basis.  Each week, the school focuses on a different Phrase of the Week which the children use to answer the register.  Look out for The Phrase of the Week on your child’s Class Twitter Page so that your child can practise this at home with you too!  Language Ambassadors in each class, chosen on a weekly basis, listen out for classmates’ French conversations and house points are awarded for the best use of French outside French lessons.  Every week the class who spoke most French receives a certificate in assembly.

Children are encouraged to make links in their learning between French and other areas of the curriculum.  It has been wonderful to see how the older children tackle subjects as challenging as Anti-bullying and Growth Mindset in French with a little help!  French songs have become a regular feature of the children’s assemblies and Christmas concerts.

You can support your child’s learning in French by asking them to share the songs, rhymes and new phrases they’ve learnt.  Also, please encourage them to play some of the fantastic games on  Our username is ‘hammond’ and the password is ‘salut’.

Mala Doegar,

MFL Teacher


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