Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!

We are very excited about what we have got coming up in Year 5! We will be starting with learning all about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. We will be linking this to most of our subjects: we will be making tapestries in art and DT, writing diaries from the perspective of a Viking and Saxon, and will be learning the Viking alphabet! There’ll be lots of role play too.  We will also be studying traditional tales (including Viking ones!)

Any books about Vikings or Anglo Saxons would be very welcome for display and to share with the class, but please remember to put your name in them.  In Maths, Year 5 will be concentrating on securing our number knowledge and building on the number skills learnt in Year 4. At the start of the term we will be comparing and ordering numbers, learning about powers of 10 whilst always practising the four different calculation operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Our Science topic this half term is Earth and Space. Throughout the half term we will be carrying out some practical investigations. In Art, Year 5 will be experimenting with repeating patterns in order to create their own Viking and Anglo Saxon inspired patterns and images. Year 5 will also continue to build on their language learning in French and will start the year by learning about different greetings (Bonjour!), expressing their feelings and speaking about animals.

Each week Year 5 will have two PE lessons a week. Across the year, Year 5 will learn a variety of games, whilst also having gym and dance lessons.  Please make sure that you are always fully equipped for your PE lessons with trainers, tracksuits and indoor kit.

Please see our Curriculum Letter for more details on all of our other subjects.

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I am confident that we will have a wonderful start to the year! 

Ms Shergill, Miss Reed and Mr Bradbury