Year 4

Hello and welcome to the autumn term in Year 4!

Ms Cheunviratsakul is very excited to teach Year 4 Quartz and Mr Trevathan can’t wait to teach Year 4 Jasper!

Following the success of last year, we will continue with our focused cross-curricular learning, and our starting topic this year is ‘Mountains and Rivers’.  This will include a very exciting investigation into how rivers are formed, through a fun-filled field study in the forest school. In addition, we will be linking lots of our learning throughout the term to the topic so if you have any books that you think will be useful to our learning, please bring them in for us to enjoy. Furthermore, if you think you have any knowledge or experience that would add to the children’s learning, then please let us know whether you would like to share this with the classes.

In literacy, we are kicking off the summer term by learning all about persuasive writing. By the end of the unit, we hope to be able to write our own persuasive advert.

In maths we are focusing on number, covering topics such as place value, addition and subtraction. One maths lesson and two short morning sessions per week will have a problem solving focus. Get those problem solving brains ready!

In science, we will start the year by exploring ‘states of matter’. We will begin by looking at the importance of ‘changing states’ in the water cycle and then move onto conducting our own investigations using key scientific skills.

Our first D&T topic is cooking, so we will work on the skills we learnt at the end of year 3.  In Art, we will focus on analysing different techniques used to paint water, focusing on famous pieces such as Monet’s ‘Water Lillies’ and Seurat’s ‘Bathers at Asnières’. The children will then use observational studies to develop their own composition, using these paintings for inspiration. Year 4 will continue to develop their computing knowledge by using a program called ‘Scratch’ to create an exciting, educational game.     

The children will enjoy an hour of Music each week with Mr Mitchell and daily French lessons with Mrs Doegar and Mrs Nathan.  We will also continue to open up our learning through enquiry during P4C (Philosophy for Children). 

We are very excited to have coaches from the STAGS project come in to teach our children Rugby in PE. Ms Cheunviratsakul and Mr Trevathan will then teach the children how to play netball, where the children will enjoy keeping fit as well as developing important team skills. Please make sure that the children have the correct PE kit for all lessons.

If you have any queries, feel free to catch Ms Cheunviratsakul or Mr Trevathan quickly on the playground after school, or make an appointment through the office to see us for a more in depth conversation!