Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

The year 2 classes are Diamond with Ms Matthews and Miss Salter, Onyx with Miss Harris and Miss Morrison,  Emerald with Miss Morby and Miss Smith.

We have an exciting year ahead of us and we look forward to the adventures in learning your children will take.

We start the year by looking at the rainforests. Where they are, the features and the animals who live there. We will continue with this exciting topic after half term when we will look at rainforest produce, people and effects on the rainforest. Please do encourage your child to read books about the different animals in their habitats as well as finding out what changes have occurred to the rainforest in recent years.

Linking to our topic activities is Science where we are investigating different effects on the growth of plants by exploring what conditions a plant will or will not grow in. Autumn 2 will focus on habitats, food chains and objects that are alive, were once alive or never alive! This unit will focus on us using our skills as a scientist to research, sort and classify as well as investigating habitats around us.

We continue to develop our skills in the Primary Writing Project to learn, retell, adapt and create our own stories and non fiction texts. Do encourage your child to retell their text to you and encourage them to use expression when retelling in order to develop a story telling voice.

We will cover some familiar tales in a different context and also learn some new texts that will link to our topics.

As always maths continues to be an important area, especially as we draw closer to the end of KS1. We will continue to secure our understanding of number and place value, addition, subtraction and begin to look at multiplication and division in more depth. Shape, measures including time and money, fractions and positions will all be covered in a greater depth  in order to secure a greater understanding. Throughout the year we will be using different models to solve problems within a range of contexts. Please allow your child to teach you the methods we are using as these have been shown to be the most effective in developing reasoning a and problem solving skills.

Music is taught by our fantastic music team, PE Is taught twice weekly, please ensure that your child’s PE kit remains in school and is clearly named.

This year we will cover colours, greetings, numbers and feelings in French through songs, games and fun activities.

Reading is a vital skill and we do encourage children to read as often as possible, but a minimum of three times a week is our expectation, the first read is to decode, the second for fluency and the third for comprehension of what has been read. If you do have any spare time and would like to volunteer to listen to readers we would love to hear from you, please speak to your class teacher or contact the office.

Looking forward to an amazing year from the Year two Team,

Ms Matthews, Miss Morby and Miss Harris