Year 1


This term in year 1, we will be trying to link our writing to the theme of learning, ‘Victorians’ Where possible our writing will link to this topic through the texts that we read, and the writing that the children will produce. 


We will be writing a fictional recount linked to a story about pets. The children will have to think carefully about including common  features of a narrative.

Information Text

We will be creating a non fiction piece of writing which uses all of the features of an information text, including, facts, figures, diagrams, labels and titles.


Encourage them to write as much as possible at home, keeping a diary, or writing a story to develop and practice their writing techniques.

Practice neat handwriting that stays on the line.

Help your child to use their phonics skills to sound out and write simple words. Focus more on the content of writing than on spellings.


Listen to your child read, or encourage them to read to a sibling.  Introduce your child to a variety of genres. Encourage discussion and ask questions about the text. For example, ask your child:

· To predict what might happen next

· Why the author has chosen to use particular vocabulary

· Why characters act in a particular way

· Why did something happen in the story.


This term the children will be developing their understanding of numbers and       number bonds. Then we will move onto addition and subtraction. Please keep and eye out on our Twitter pages to find out about these methods and our learning.

How can you support your child:

Work on times tables and quick mental mathematical skills.


This term we are looking at  Ourselves. We will be looking at the different parts of the human body and the jobs that they do. We will also be learning about keeping our bodies healthy and the senses.

We will also be learning about different materials and their properties. We will learn about what makes materials good for different jobs

Following this, we be moving onto Plants, where we will investigating how plants grow and change, comparing plants from the rainforest against our local species.


Throughout our units of work this year we will be looking at E-safety and how to stay safe on line. We will be learning about computer programming using toys that can be programmed.