In Summer 1 Nursery will be focusing on GROWING AND CHANGES as we are developing our Understanding and Knowledge of the world.

In the first weeks we will learn about the things that a plant need to grow and will plant some seeds under different condition eg: in a dark area, without watering it and record our observations. As the plants grow we will measure them and compare their height.  We will investigate seeds in the fruit we have for snack and other vegetables.

In the last part of Summer 1 we will learn about how we have changed, how we have grown.  For this topic we will look at pictures of ourselves at different times of our lives, from babyhood to now.  We will also learn about familiar animals and their babies.

Nursery will continue to do Physi-gym either with the reception classes or in their own classroom. The children are developing their gross body coordination and learning to link each move more confidently.

In Summer  2  our topic will be the seaside and pirates.  We will find out about sea creatures , we will draw our own treasure maps and make binoculars. The children will decide on which role play they would like to set up.

This term the children will also explore and investigate the outside water areas.

Our Talk for writing this half-term is based on the story THE ENORMOUS TURNIP

A few stories to share with your child/children at home:

Jasper and the beanstalk

Oliver’s vegetables

The tiny seed


Morning nursery : 8:55-9:25

RED GROUP: 8TH May 2017

BLUE GROUP: 9TH May 2017

GREEN GROUP: 11TH May 2017              

Afternoon nursery all groups: 2:45 -3:15

11th May 2017

We look forward to seeing you

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