Assessment Without Levels

Our 'Life After Levels' documentation is now available to download below

Life After Levels Image


Our well attended 'Assessment without Levels' meeting obtained some extremely positive feedback:

"An interesting and informative session, on a very challenging outlook for children in schools in the future".

"Well presented, very informative and interesting"

"Assessment without levels was very informative and well presented. The meeting was very helpful"

"Very informative and worth coming to".

"Very useful and has given us a head start about how our children would be assessed and what we need to do as parents"

"Very informative and useful to gain an understanding of what will be happening going forward for the children"

"Very informative and explained well".

"Very interesting, glad I came".


Parent Feedback

Firstly, I would like to say how pleased I am to be here today for this meeting, because as a parent we spend too much time on reading and trying to understand the system on our own.

It was very relevant to gather together and to make a face to face presentation of the kind of change and support our children will go through.

I really appreciate your time Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Morley and Miss Gammons)

Mrs Perlini

Year 1 Parent