Sports Premium

Physical Education and Sport Premium


Hammond Academy believes physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. It provides movement-centred and knowledge-based activities for all students. The core components centre on movement and social interaction, allowing pupils to recognise the diversity of individual ability and participate with respectful conduct. It will also provide the children with the necessary skills of good sportsmanship, to strive for excellence and not to be discouraged if they do not win; equipping them with the appropriate responses in order to deal with winning or losing, thus facilitating valuable lessons for their future. Developing a balanced program offering a variety of activities provides students an opportunity to develop acceptable fitness levels, a broad spectrum of skills and the knowledge necessary to use those skills for a lifetime of active participation. Positive participation in physical education will leave students with a legacy of success facilitating an active lifestyle.


Our vision is to raise the aspirations of all pupils regardless of athletic talent, physical and mental abilities or disabilities encouraging them to acquire motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities in order to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in an increasingly changing society.


We aim to ensure that the provision is challenging and appropriate and the support mechanisms are in place to allow all to reach their full potential. The provision will be inclusive, engaging, innovative, inspiring and raise aspirations. It will provide high quality sustainable Physical Education and sport within the curriculum and out of school hours.

Our provision encompasses all the key concepts to develop pupils’ Competence, Performance, Creativity and Healthy Lifestyles. We aim to give a broad base of learning as is possible so that all pupils can develop interest and understanding in many different areas.

It will also provide high quality continuous professional development (CPD) for all teachers and other adults involved in the delivery of PE and school sport. It will aim to build sustainable professional learning networks including effective school to school support and families of schools working together. It will provide the children with the skills, confidence and relevant experiences to succeed at their chosen level and discipline and inspire them to rise to the challenge of competition and participate competitively.


Hammond are working with Dacorum School Sports Network and have access to a range of activities that DSSN offer during the academic year. These include:

  • Access to 1 foundation stage competition
  • Access to 6 KS1 Inter school competitions
  • Access to 11 Lower KS2 inter school competitions
  • Access to 17 Upper KS2 inter school competitions
  • Access to inclusive competitions in all Key Stages
  • Access to intra school competition templates and virtual competitions
  • Access to Primary School Awards Night
  • Access to Change 4 Life funding and equipment
  • Access to teacher training events per year including PE subject lead training
  • Bronze Ambassador Training and support for School Games and Organising Crews
  • Playground Leaders Training