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Anti-bullying work

An aspect of the work we have been doing on anti-bullying is to develop a peer support scheme. This will help children resolve low level issues on the playground without involving adults. The children involved are all very excited about their new roles and have undergone training to support them with this work.

As part of the Herts Anti-Bullying accreditation the school council and the teacher working with them have set up a peer support scheme to provide pupils with non-staff sources of support on the playground. 

Playground Buddies

A Playground Buddy will play with the other children to make sure that they have someone to play with. In addition Playground Buddies will give them advice if they are upset also they see if they have anyone else to play with.

Playground Monitors

A Playground Monitor sorts out problems like small arguments and tells the teacher if someone breaks one of the school rules. They can be approached by other children if they want to be talked to.